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Dark colored spots arising from sun damage and fine lines may introduce themselves on the surface of your face, that doesn’t mean you have to allow their prominence over your skin. A laser facial can address these issues, however this kind of facial may not feel as relaxing and comfortable as the visit to a spa with facial massages and soothing creams. The trade off here is that laser facials deliver far more effective results than normal facials. Luvayaa skin clinic has been consistently aiming to provide the most superior laser facial Mumbai and its suburbs can provide.

We all know when someone talks about  wrinkles and fine lines, but when it comes to  skin imperfections like dark spots due to hormones and sun damage, unwanted freckles, acne scars, large pores, broken capillaries, scars and even facial hair. Treating such conditions involve more than just visiting a spa for frequent facials and massages. A person has to undergo a medical procedure performed by a specialist. Laser resurfacing or laser facial is one such medical procedure that gives out effective results in tackling serious skin conditions. When you get a laser treatment it is considered a medical procedure.

The immediate question after considering undergoing laser resurfacing arises is, How effective are laser facials?.

The answer is simple ,lasers are most effective because of their controlled accuracy and strength in targeting deep layers below the skin’s surface. It’s like getting rid of your imperfections from the inside out, and the outcome is more predictable as compared to chemical peels or microdermabrasion. There are various laser machines with different names, but there exist two main types of laser facials, ablative and non-ablative. Luvayaa skin clinic , keeping the goal of providing its patients with the best possible laser facial Mumbai and its other parts can provide, has incorporated state of the art equipments to carry out laser resurfacing procedures with optimum effectiveness.

  • Ablative lasers: Ablative lasers work on skin imperfections, but they are quite aggressive . Ablative lasers may require downtime, much like a surgery. Ablative laser skin resurfacing is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures for improving aging skin. The procedure works by projecting a strong wavelength of light on the skin, which removes the outer layers of aged or sun damaged skin. As compared to traditional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing , Ablative laser generates the same results with much less downtime and gives out a much more impressive skin texture.
  • Non-ablative lasers : Non-ablative lasers aims to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark or brown spots and scars by creating heat in the skin without injuring the surface of the skin. The heat generated by the laser promotes collagen production which causes the skin to tighten and look young and healthy.

What to expect before undergoing laser facials or laser resurfacing ?

Depending on your skin condition and imperfections a dermatologist may recommend the best suitable procedure from either ablative or non-ablative laser treatment .It is, in the patient’s best interest to discuss his/her medical history before undergoing the procedure. This is also the time for the doctor and patient to discuss expectations, potential risks and benefits of the procedure.

Ablative laser treatment works by creating thousands of microscopic areas where the top layer of the skin is removed. Much like removing grass on a golf course, these microscopic areas are surrounded by untreated skin, which allow for quick recovery times. carbon dioxide laser resurfacing can take up to three weeks to heal with the risk of persistent redness and a higher risk of scarring. Ablative laser resurfacing produces essentially the same result with an average of 4-6 days of downtime  with the use of local anesthesia only. Areas that can be treated include the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, scars and certain types of lesions. We at  Luvayaa skin clinic are motivated to prioritize the patient’s comfort and carry out the procedures swiftly with the intention of being one of if not the best provider of laser facial Mumbai can offer.

Non- Ablative lasers bring the imperfections up to the surface, it requires significant of time to see the full results. However, the good thing is that there is little to no downtime and no pain involved following the procedure. The procedure itself may be uncomfortable, but that really depends on a patient’s pain tolerance. It feels like you’re being snapped lightly by a rubber band. These procedures are actually becoming almost painless to 60 percent of the population. You can have a laser facial at lunch and put makeup on immediately after, and continue on with your day. Plus, there is no need for special facial creams or ointments. 

An ablative laser removes layers of skin, while a non-ablative laser does not. Both types of lasers damage collagen of the skin. This may make the patient skeptical about the procedure, but the process of damaging collagen sends your skin the message to repair itself by building new collagen. When the new collagen forms, skin will appear healthier and fresher. The skin may also appear tighter and more rejuvenated.

After receiving an ablative laser facial, the  skin is in need of rest and relaxation. The skin may appear and feel raw, itchy, and sore. One key thing to keep in mind is not to pick at the skin during this time as it may cause scarring. Generally an ointment is prescribed by the dermatologist. Elevating your head at night may aid in the healing process. After a non-ablative laser facial, the skin may appear reddish and slightly swollen, but applying makeup and going back to work is reasonable. Luvayaa skin clinic has set out with the goal of providing a very unique and personal experience to our patients  by acknowledging that our job is not over just by carrying out procedures but also, its our duty to keep in touch with our patients by frequently enquiring about their well being and effectiveness of the procedures. By committing to these principles we are getting closer of achieving our goal of being the best provider of laser facial Mumbai and its suburbs have at its disposal ,each passing day.

Why Choose Luvayaa Skin Clinic

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At Luvayaa clinic, our team always uses the most advanced technology present in the world and we make it a point to make sure that we treat our patients with the newest technology possible!


Dr. Vaishali has 15+ years of experience in her respective field and is a board certified Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon. Our priority is always patient safety and for that, we take a proper examination before beginning any treatment!


For us, learning never stops and we stay updated with everything new in our fast-changing cosmetic and skin industry. We always make sure to keep ourselves updated and thus provide the latest and newest procedures available in the industry!

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