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Medical facial Treatment - Luvayaa

Medical facials, also known as photofacials, is a type of facial which is specifically recommended for skin issues such as dryness, pigmentation and acne. These are custom Facials that are designed according to the requirements of your skin. It varies from person to person, depending upon skin surface condition.


Medical facial - Luvayaa

Medical facials are no different from the general Spa Facial, but the former being carried out on a more intense level for instance , one of the popular components of Medical Facial uses a surgical knife to remove the top layer of the skin. It also uses techniques such as ultra sound for firming and lifting the skin. Though the Medical Facial treatment is not considered as relaxing and luxurious treatment, as compared to when you get a facial spa but at the same time it deals with serious skin concerns that require clinical approach to achieve the skin objective of the patient. Simply Put, it’s anenhanced facial geared towards achieving specific results designed to repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin.


medical facial Treatment - Luvayaa

Do you want younger,healthier-looking skin? Do you want a facial treatment that will really revitalize your appearance? If yes,then Medical Facial is the perfect treatment for you.
With the availability of so much products, tools and advanced forms of treatment, a medical facial can be tailored to accommodate your skin needs. The treatment offers a effective solution to on individuals skin issue.
Lets say some one wants to break the spell of ageing, he can undergo the same treatment to rectify the signs of ageing. Similarly if someone has damaged the skin by too much exposure to the sun light, such cases can also be corrected. So basically, to answer the question, medical facials caters to all the needs and requirements of your skin.


medical facial treatment in bhandup - luvayaa

Since a medical facial is more vigorous than a normal spa facial, it’s obviously less relaxing, but the results are worth the minor edge. Following a brief consultation, the aesthetician will proceed with the medical facial. During which they will steam, cleanse, exfoliate and massage your skin. At the same time they will include various treatments to enhance your skin such as dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, chemical peel, photo rejuvenation or LED light therapy. However, they will provide these treatments according to your skin’s requirement. 


medical facial treatment in mumbai - luvayaa
  • Beauty facials are all-purpose facials, whereas, medical facials are customised to treat specific problems, to deliver clear, functional benefits
  • Medical facials use high-quality, non-irritant customised products that contain active ingredients. These treatments can be done on any body part that has problematic skin. For example, if someone has dark elbows or knees, they may go in for a lightening treatment
  • A medical facial consists in a deeper cleansing of the skin and a stronger peeling .The chemicals used and the procedure are of a higher effect , more durable and more efficient than spa/ beauty facials.


medical facial - luvayaa
  1. They are painful:
    Not necessarily.Generally, the peels that are used do not have harsh concentration thereby minimizing your discomfort. And also, the clean–up process is not that bad and you will surely be able to bear it.
  2. They are expensive:
    Basic medical facials are usually not expensive. It depends on the clinic, and what products or technologies the doctors or specialists use.
  3. It is only for people above the age of 30:
    Acne is a major concern among teenagers, and so, people who are 15 and above are prime candidates for such treatments. Hence, 15 is the minimum age for medical facials.


best medical facial - luvayaa
  • Our dermatologist will first understand your skin type and your individual issues, then, suggest a treatment accordingly.
  • Our qualified skin specialists have the permission to use medical-grade cosmetic products, such as higher-strength peels.
  • They incorporate technologies such as Q-switched laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF), which offer results that a beauty facial cannot achieve.
  • You have access to your doctor post-treatment, along with a tailor-made post-treatment home-care regimen.

Why Choose Luvayaa Skin Clinic

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At Luvayaa clinic, our team always uses the most advanced technology present in the world and we make it a point to make sure that we treat our patients with the newest technology possible!


Dr. Vaishali has 15+ years of experience in her respective field and is a board certified Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon. Our priority is always patient safety and for that, we take a proper examination before beginning any treatment!


For us, learning never stops and we stay updated with everything new in our fast-changing cosmetic and skin industry. We always make sure to keep ourselves updated and thus provide the latest and newest procedures available in the industry!

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