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It’s a stated fact that Acne is by far the most commonly occurring skin disease treated by Dermatologists all around the world. Statistics show that more than 90% of the world population has faced acne at some point in their life, the most noteworthy characteristic ensuing acne is that it causes prominent emotional and psychological effects among the people suffering from it. Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition with multi-factorial pathogenesis. Studies confirm that acne is known to adversely affect a person’s quality of life, self-esteem, and mood. Dr Vaishali at Luvayaa skin clinic ,with her veteran experience in treating acne has set out to treat this condition with utmost positivity and empathy towards the patient with the intention to counsel and help avoid the psychological ramifications a patient has to suffer because of acne leading her to accomplish her goal of providing the best acne and pimples treatment in bhandup as well as  Mumbai.

  • Acne pimples vary in size, color, and extent of pain. Types of acne pimples are :
  • Black Heads: Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles. They are named blackheads because they have a black or dark colored tip. Blackheads are a mild type of acne that usually form on the face, but they can also appear on the back and chest.
  • White Heads: Whiteheads are a mild form of acne that appears as small, round, white bumps on the skin’s surface. This type of acne occurs when a pore becomes clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, and debris.
  • Cysts: Cysts are abnormalities in the body that may contain liquid or semi-liquid material. Sebaceous cysts are mostly found on the face, neck or torso. They grow slowly and aren’t life-threatening, but may become uncomfortable if left untreated.
  • Papules: A papule is an area of abnormal skin tissue that is less than 1 centimeter round. A papule has distinct borders, and it can appear in a variety of shapes. Papules are often called skin lesions, which essentially change in the color or texture of your skin. A cluster of papules together form a rash.
  • Pustules: Pustules are small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus. They normally appear as white bumps surrounded by red skin. These bumps look very similar to pimples but can grow bigger in size. Pustules develop on any part of the body, but they most commonly form on the face, chest, and back.

Some key facts about acne

  1. It affects 3 in every 4 person aged between 11-30 years.
  2. Variation in treatment depends upon the severity of the condition
  3. It is a skin condition involving the oil glands at the base of hair follicles
  4. It is not fatal but can leave permanent scars on the skin
  5. Causing factors include genetics, menstrual cycle,anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, using oil-based makeup, and squeezing pimples.

To provide the best acne and pimples treatment in Bhandup and Mumbai, Luvaaya skin clinic has incorporated a variety of approaches in treating acne but first, let’s dig deep a little more into acne as a skin consition and how and when it occurs.

There are various types of acne, such as acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, acne cosmetica, acne fulminans and acne mechanica. Among these, acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne .The primary causal factor for acne is the hormoral changes a body goes through during puberty or adolescence ,genetics also play a key role in aggravating the condition. Acne vulgaris is characterized by inflammatory lesions on the skin . The total number of people suffering from acne vulgaris in 2016 was 681.2 million which was a 10% increase from  2006. Acne and other dermatologic  problems can result in psychosocial effects that can affect a patient’s normal life. Being more than just a cosmetic condition, skin diseases can create anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems that affect a patient’s life in ways comparable to arthritis or other disabling illnesses. 

Some acne Stats

  1. Acne ranked 8th in the list of most prevalent diseases in the world in 2010.
  2. In India by the end of 2026 the number of people affected by Acne is expected to reach 23 million at an annual growth rate of 0.5 %.
  3. Females are more prone to acne as compared to males in India .
  4. Change in annual years of healthy life lost since 1990-2013 due to acne in India is 0.2 percent .

Even though antibiotics have played a key role in treating acne, the increase in resistance to anti biotics is a matter of  major concern for dermatologists and medical practioners .The issue of antibiotic resistance also impacts the way medicines are prescribed and treatments are strategized. Generally speaking, topical medication is the standard form of treatment for mild to moderate acne. In order to be the best clinic providing acne and pimples treatment in Bhandup and Mumbai , Luvaaya skin clinc has incorporated every possible treatment to tackle acne from every direction yielding promising and optimum results.

The currently available therapeutic options for acne include retinoids, antibacterial washes, antibiotic pills, lasers, pulsed-light therapies and photodynamic therapy. Again, the extent of treatment depends upon the severity of the condition and at Luvaaya skin clinic, to ensure complete effectiveness in providing pimples treatment in Bhandup and Mumbai a variety of treatments are undertaken.

Various medications and their effectiveness in treating Acne :

When it comes to treating mild to moderate acne ,various home remedies exist and the information about these is freely available on internet in abundance .But when we talk about treating severe acne , a professional medical treatment is the primary option as home remedies may prove to be ineffective and in some cases dangerous and can even aggravate one’s acne. For treatment of acne, as medical science has been evolving and inventing technologies and medicines , dermatologists have had more than a handful of options in effectively treating skin diseases.

  • Oral Antibiotics: Oral Antibiotics are prescribed to patients with moderate to severe acne. As acne is more likely to become resistant to topical than oral antibiotics ,the latter is the preferred choice of medication by Dermatologists. Antibiotics combat the growth various bacteria and help reduce inflammation. Commonly prescribed antibiotics for acne include Tetracycline and Erythromycin .
  • Retinoids: Topical retinoids are derived from vitamin A. They unclog the pores and prevent the development of whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Corticosteroid Injection: Corticosteroid Injections are used by dermatologists to treat inflamed cysts that may rupture and leave scars on the skin . Injecting diluted Corticosteroid into the cyst prevents scarring , helps speed up the process and reduces inflammation .

Why Choose Luvayaa Skin Clinic

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At Luvayaa clinic, our team always uses the most advanced technology present in the world and we make it a point to make sure that we treat our patients with the newest technology possible!


Dr. Vaishali has 15+ years of experience in her respective field and is a board certified Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon. Our priority is always patient safety and for that, we take a proper examination before beginning any treatment!


For us, learning never stops and we stay updated with everything new in our fast-changing cosmetic and skin industry. We always make sure to keep ourselves updated and thus provide the latest and newest procedures available in the industry!

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