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PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss - Luvayaa

Hair loss or baldness over the years has become an integral part of a person’s appearance and is a prominent indicator of one’s stressful lifestyle. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes that 80 million men and women in America have hereditary hair loss (alopecia). It can affect the hair on your scalp or your entire body. Although it’s more prevalent in older adults, excessive hair loss can occur in children as well. Factors like stress ,inadequate nutrition , pollution contribute more and more to hair loss in young adults. While its normal to lose a couple of strands in a day ,constant and serious hair loss is an alarming indication of something being wrong with your body . Hair loss can develop gradually over years or happen abruptly. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. If you frequently start noticing more than just a couple of strands on your towel or a big bunch of hair strands clogging your drain then it may be beneficial for you to visit a specialist and get medically treated for hair loss. A variety of hair loss treatments are available, Platelet rich plasma therapy(PRP) is one such treatment , although PRP treatment is not limited to hair fall , its involvement in treating hair loss and baldness is noteworthy. Luvayaa skin clinic has set out to incorporate and provide best of the best PRP treatment in Mumbai.

Facts about Hair Loss:

  1. More than 50 percent of men have male pattern hair loss by the age of 50.
  2. Forty percent of women will have female pattern hair loss by the time they reach menopause.
  3. Various myths surrounding hair fall include wearing hats, frequent shampooing, clogged pores, or decreased blood flow to the scalp. Although decreased blood flow is a result of hair loss , it is not a cause for it.
  4. Hereditary baldness is not caused by the hair falling out, but rather by normal hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hair.
  5. Hereditary is the most common cause of hair loss. It is medically termed as “androgenic alopecia”.
  6. Drugs used to cure various conditions like cancer, depression, blood pressure, arthritis , cardiovascular ailments also cause significant amount of hair fall.
  7. One must lose over 50 percent of their scalp hair before it is apparent to anyone.

Luvaaya skin clinic takes pride in being up to date with the ever changing and evolving cosmetic industry by offering the best and most effective PRP treatment in Mumbai.

Our blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Plasma, is the liquid part of the blood which flows and carries blood cells and nutrients to various organs throughout the body. Platelets are tiny cells in the which ,when bleeding occurs, rush to any site of injury,  to block and form a clot and repair the damage. Platelets are also known to be a reservoir of growth factors that stimulate tissue recovery by increasing blood flow. They are known to be responsible for stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function. Protein rich plasma is a type of processed blood plasma which includes a concentration of plasma from which red blood cells and white blood cells are removed. The processed protein rich plasma extracted from the patient’s own blood is then injected into his/her scalp to stimulate hair growth. To ensure the provision  of superior and the best PRP treatment in Mumbai and around the country, Luvayaa skin clinic has prioritized surveying the patient’s medical history and whether or not he/she is best suited to undergo  PRP treatment for hair loss to ensure the patient’s safety and well being .

PRP procedure:

As PRP therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp, you aren’t at risk of contracing a communicable disease. Still, any therapy that involves injections always carries a risk of side effects such as:

  1. Injury to blood vessels or nerves
  2. Infection
  3. Calcification at the injection points
  4. Scar tissue

PRP treatment is generally a three step procedure

Step 1: Drawing a patient’s blood and putting it in a centrifuge to separate the fluids.

Step 2: After about 10 minutes in the centrifuge, the blood will have separated into in three layers:

  • platelet-poor plasma
  • platelet-rich plasma
  • red blood cells

Step 3: The platelet rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and then injected into areas of the scalp that require increased hair growth.

For a patient to be medically cleared to undergo PRP treatment a criteria has to be fulfilled, which is:

  • A patient is not completely bald and has low-density hair.
  • Does not smoke heavily and consumes alcohol occasionally.
  • Does not suffer from medical conditions such as chronic skin or liver disease, cancer, metabolic disorders, blood disorders such as platelet dysfunction syndrome, thrombocytopenia and hemodynamic instability.

Advantages of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss :

  1. The procedure is quick and is usually over within an hour.
  2. Requires very less recovery time. The patient can continue with his/her daily tasks right after the procedure.
  3. Involves minimal side-effects limited to soreness and redness of skin for a day or two.
  4. It involves no surgical incisions and only the injections.

Keeping in mind these advantages and minimal side effects of PRP treatment .Luvayaa skin clinic is committed on leveraging from these advantages with the goal of providing quality PRP treatment in Mumbai and generate promising results.

Other hair loss treatments include Hair transplant surgery also known as ‘restoration surgery’ , it involves a dermatologist or a skin specialist removing  tiny patches of a patient’s skin each containing one to several strands of hair and implanting these patches into the bald sections ,follicle by follicle. Major drawback of hair transplant surgery is that a patient has to go through multiple surgeries to get the desired results.

For the best treatment of hair loss, you must definitely get in touch with us, because at Luvayaa clinic we believe in solving and answering any queries or doubts you might have in your mind. Our motto is to make the treatments and procedure simpler for you and not complicate it by suggesting anything wrong. We at Luvayaa are a team of experienced and committed professionals in giving the best treatment to our patients and to give best-in-class experience to any of our fellow patients.

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At Luvayaa clinic, our team always uses the most advanced technology present in the world and we make it a point to make sure that we treat our patients with the newest technology possible!


Dr. Vaishali has 15+ years of experience in her respective field and is a board certified Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon. Our priority is always patient safety and for that, we take a proper examination before beginning any treatment!


For us, learning never stops and we stay updated with everything new in our fast-changing cosmetic and skin industry. We always make sure to keep ourselves updated and thus provide the latest and newest procedures available in the industry!

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