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As one can’t flee from an inscrutable fact that the beauty of the body lies in the face and human gives the highest priority to its face and spend enormous money and time to take care of it. But due aging and other issues can’t prohibit skin of face from contraction and shrinkage. This leads to lots of problems caused by facial skin laxities such as jowls and drooping cheeks. Facelift surgery was the only surgery since decades to overcome all problems related to face. But after all skin resurfacing treatments can assist you in restoring some degree of firmness but once the skin is loosened only a scalpel can remove it. However, while the method of relying on injectible compounds and skin resurfacing until facelift surgery becomes absolutely compulsory works for lots of patients but some forbid the treatment because results are only visible after weeks of scarring, inflammation, and irritation. Thread Lift is an ultimate solution to all invasive surgeries of the face because it improves the quality of results and good recovery time. By seeing benefits of Threadlift Mumbai folks are in a great wish to opt for the surgery. But people have lots of queries concerned to a facelift. We at Luvayaa have come up with all details about Threadlift to assist you in making firm decision to opt for the procedure. 

What is Thread Lift? 

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A Thread Lift a medical procedure in which temporary sutures are used to produce a visible lift in the skin. In this surgery instead of removing the patient’s loose facial skin surgically, the cosmetic surgeon suspends it by stitching up portions. This results in pulling the skin back slightly, lifting and tightening it. Threadlift also assists in combating aging by provoking the body’s healing response and causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to treated areas. 

As our age enhances production of collagen in the body reduces thus leading to a reduction of the thickness of the skin. This leads to the creation of wrinkles and excess skin. As the skin grows weaker it’s no longer able to probe the tissue beneath it and gravity pulls it downwards by stretching it. Threadlift provides progressive and ongoing rejuvenation for the facial tissues. It stimulates collagen which improves skin tone and firmness. When threads are in place the body’s healing response gets activated because the body wants to heal the sutured area and excel the sutures. In Thread Lift Surgery the threads placed inside the skin are so small that the patient does not feel anything happening to them. Most folks cannot muse their sutures at all, once the skin has healed around them.

Various Thread Lift procedures

Thread Lift - Luvayaa

There are basically two methods to do Threadlift for lifting facial tissues. These are:

  1. NovaThreads
  2. Silhouette InstaLift
  • NovaThreads – NovaThreads are sutures that are made from a biocompatible material PDO, which is specially designed for safe re-absorption by the body. NovaThreads remain in place for about four to six months after which they initiate The patient can feel the result of Nova Thread Lift for a year or more post-treatment. 

Different varieties of NovaThreads

  1. Barbed sutures – These are used for gathering skin, thus lifting more skin and giving you better result from surgery. These are placed near the hairline in order to gently pull back the skin and lift Cheeks and jowls.
  2. Straight or smooth curved sutures – These provide best collagen stimulation. Most of the folks have smooth sutures placed in straight locations around their face such as the corner of the mouth or along the brows in order to target the problem areas where the sign of aging becomes particularly apparent. 
  • Silhouette InstaLift – This procedure is also the same as Nova Threads because in this method surgeon uses biocompatible temporary sutures to lift the face. It is more focused on lifting the skin rather than stimulating collagen production. In this method, threads are designed somewhat differently, rather than being smooth or barbed they contain a number of sutures interspread with tiny cones that are adept at grabbing a tissue. This assists thread in gathering more skin, producing more lift to the jowls and cheeks. 
  • The procedure of performing Silhouette Instalift Silhouette Instalift takes only 45 minutes or 1 hour on average to be performed under local anesthesia. In this Threadlift surgery, a specially designed thin needle is taken into use to insert the threads into the skin thus reducing patient’s discomfort. Sometimes mild swelling and soreness are experienced by the patient for a few days but it can easily be countered by using pain relievers. 
  • Benefits of undergoing Threadlift 

    1. The greatest benefit of undergoing Threadlift is that there is no incision or cuts and no scarring.
    2. The procedure can be performed only within 1 to 2 hours so patients are liberal of long surgical procedures.
    3. It can be used for the jaw, neck, cheek and more. 
    4. It is a low-risk process and has a very short recovery time. 

    Day by day use of thread lift Mumbai is enhancing a lot and you can find the best surgeons in Mumbai for your Threadlift. Luvayaa skin clinic provides you the best and most advanced Threadlift in Bhandup. We believe in providing result oriented treatment options for Threadlift Mumbai keeping in mind the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We can assure we will fulfill your expectations of Threadlift in Bhandup.

Why Choose Luvayaa Skin Clinic

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At Luvayaa clinic, our team always uses the most advanced technology present in the world and we make it a point to make sure that we treat our patients with the newest technology possible!


Dr. Vaishali has 15+ years of experience in her respective field and is a board certified Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon. Our priority is always patient safety and for that, we take a proper examination before beginning any treatment!


For us, learning never stops and we stay updated with everything new in our fast-changing cosmetic and skin industry. We always make sure to keep ourselves updated and thus provide the latest and newest procedures available in the industry!

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